Enemy tesla coil 01

Guarded by Enemy Infantry.

Icon objective destroy tesla coil

Charged up tesla

A Tesla Coil is an advanced defensive structure. The Tesla Coil was first encountered in the fight for Wesserness.


  • Range- 1 small square ( fires in all directions at once).
  • Damage- 5
  • Health- 20


  • Use long range units to destroy it.
  • It will kill your units with ease.
  • Use firecalls if you can't spare any artillery.
  • Attacks ANY unit (even their own).
  • Try to lure enemy units into its range and see the enemy fall due to friendly fire.


  • The Tesla Coil's turret is resembles Gap Generator from Command & Conquer Red Alert series.
  • This defense has a same name from Red Alert series.

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