Prestige is an attribute won by competing in Versus Mode matches.

More Prestige XP is won when the player is victorious in battle, and when victorious against more challenging opponents. A little is still awarded when losing though.

When the player reaches certain amounts, they gain Prestige Levels. Each level up usually gives rewards such a Damage Booster +1.

The levels also award certain titles. For example:

  1. Level 28 is "Supreme Raider".
  2. Level 29 requires 24915 XP.

"Total Wins" are also kept track of though they do not appear to be related to this.

Prestige helps players access certain objectives:

  1. Level 5 is required to research the Assault Chopper
  2. Level 10 is required to research the Mobile Tesla
  3. Level 20 is required to research the Neutron Gun
  4. Level 30 is required to access Nordurland and Operation: Polar Bear