The Elite Sniper Limited Edition, or simply the Elite Sniper, is a limited edition unit availble during September 26 to October 17 2011. His incredible range makes him useful for assasinating far-away enemies.


Note: The numbers in parenthesis represent the statistics for the weaker sniper unit. These are the statistics for the Elite Sniper unit.

Health:10 (5)

Damage: 1

Tournament Use Cost: (110)

Specialty: Can't be fully destroyed

Range: 8 (4)

Costs: 5 Facebook Credits

Selling Price: $1500

Move Radius: 4

Type: Infantry

Redeployment cost: 700 supplies



  • His appearance seems to loosely be based on John Rambo from the Rambo film series and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series.
  • He is similar to the super spy from the mission "New In Town".
  • He has a weaker counterpart (stats in parentheses) that can still be won in the tournament mode.
  • His weapon is similar to the m700
  • The Elite Sniper doesn't have an upgrade.