Echo Station 3-T-8 is an important structure in Army Attack. It supplies the power to the barrier that protects the Railgun and, therefore, must be destroyed if the Railgun is to be demolished. It has 100 health points and is incapable of attacking anyone; however, by no means does this mean that destroying it will be simple.

There are serveral pieces of blue armor plates and some wheels near the building, it seems that they collect these parts for the Echo station 3-T-8 to generate electricity.

When you destroy the Echo Station 3-T-8, It sets off a powerful explosion in a 1-range radius. Try to use rocket batteries to finish it off.

Echo station 3-T-8

Echo station 3-T-8

Eastern MountainsEdit

Echo Station 3-T-8 is only found in the Eastern Mountains; in fact, the only objective there is to destroy it. However, there are three Sniper Foxholes guarding it, along with several Barricades,Rocket Battery (Enemy), Battle Tanks, Stormtroopers and a few Rocketeers.

It is  named to Echo Station 3-T-8 from Star Wars.