Four (2x2) empty supply drops.


Two empty supply drops.

The Drop Zone (formerly called the Supply Drop) is one of the top buildings you can have throughout the game. It can acquire supplies in a selection of different types of drops, and after waiting a varying amount of time, you get supplies which can be used to repair units and sell to liberated cities to earn large amounts of cash.

It costs $100 to buy one. It also takes 1 energy to take supplies from a supply drop.

Many people use the drop zones as a cheap and effective defense. Costing the sme amount as the minefield, and havind the sme amout of health (1), they can be used to block enemy movements and order supplies. However, if they are destroyed whilst you are waiting for supplies, you lose your supplies and your money.

It is best to defend your drop zones well as the enemy drop zone will most likely deploy 3-5 infantry units in the area, threatining your supply line.

Varying Supply DropsEdit

All of the supply options have different supply numbers and costs. The ammo crate, narrowing it down to supplies/minute, is the best value at 7 supplies/minute, with the premium container being the worst valued at 0.04 supplies/minute. M.R.E containers are the most recomended as when ordering ammo crates, after a certain amount of time, your energy will eventually deplete, at 1 energy/hour. The supply options are:

-Ammo Crates

Production Time: 5 Minutes

Cost: $25

-M.R.E. Containers

Production Time: 1 Hour

Cost: $30

-Gasoline Drop

Production Time: 4 Hours

Cost: $45

-Oil Containers

Production Time: 8 Hours

Cost: $55

-Military Crate

Production Time: 18 Hours

Cost: $75

-Big Container

Production Time: 1 Day

Cost: $90

-Premium Container

Production Time: 2 Days and 2 Hours

Cost: $115

Supply Drop Options


Supplies Received Cost Dollars/Supply Time (Minutes) Supplies/Minute

Ammo Crate

35 25 0.71 5 7
MRE 40 30 0.75 60 0.67
Gasoline 65 45 0.69 240 0.27
Oil Drums 70 55 0.79 480 0.15
Military Crate 85 75 0.88 1080 0.08
Big Container 90 90 1 1440 0.06
PremiumContainer 105 115 1.10 3000 0.04