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Commandant Harry Tubman is an inept, obese, high-ranking officer and leader in the Crimson Empire. He is the weakest of the Crimson Army's leaders. Tubman is also apparently the cousin of Viceory Vile.


Commandant Tubman is first encountered on the Mainland, in the first map. He is left in control of Southgate. Being the first leader in the game, he is not a very tough opponent and can be easily dealt with. The only units at his disposal at the time are Scouts and Infantry. After his defeat, the Commandant runs off, apparently crying.


Commandant Tubman is once again encountered in Libery. When he finds out that the player has arrived, he is not happy, as he was on vacation at the time. This time, he has advanced units at his disposal. However, he's still easy enough to defeat. During the liberation of Libery, it becomes apparent that Viceroy Vile is unhappy with him, as he states that Tubman has "failed him for the last time". This suggests that the Commandant may be dead; however, there is nothing definite yet.