A Battle Tank is your armor. It's there to do heavy damage, so put it in the front when attacking with it.


This is what one of the Homelands Battle Tanks look like.

Defensive UsesEdit

The Battle Tank is not an effective force at defense, it should never be used as a defensive unit.

Offensive UsesEdit

It's the tip of the spear when striking the enemy in their own land. It does a major amount of damage and can last quite long under fire, but it must never be used for defensive missions; pull it back when it is dying and repair it only when nearing attack. The Battle Tank also serves as a commando-whipping unit, so position it such that any commando in your territory will have to get past it. However as the cost of this unit to some is expensive, it is advisable to use APC .

Draw BacksEdit

The battle tank moves somewhat slowly, unlike the APC. An APC is a rather good replacement for it, seeing as the APC moves much faster and can also deal a considerable amount of damge.


Description: Main battle tank

Health: 15

Cost to heal: 100 supplies per health

Damage: 3

Range: 1

Special: None

Type: Vehicle

Cost: $20,000


Cost: 36 army gold

Materials: 5 hard hat, 5 cement, 5 wiring

Health: 18

Damage: 4

Range: 1


  • The tank fires twice at enemy units, however, it fires three times at towns. This also applies to the Elite Tank
  • This unit is based on American M1A1 Abrams.
  • The tank is best used when killing guard stations and infantry, artillery, enemy tanks (when wounded only)
  • It can clear Minefields and Barricades in just 1-2 hits for barricades and 1 hit for minefield
  • It is a good choice to purchase a few as they can knock out most enemy forces with assistance from your other range units such as rocket batteries.



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