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Army Attack™ was a social game developed by Digital Chocolate, Inc, and later redistributed by RockYou. The gameplay type was strategy, pseudo-turn based against AI (Artificial Intelligence), with some player "friend/neighbor" cooperation.

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Soldiers! Do not let the enemy gain the upper hand. Know more about Army Attack and crush the opposing army. Any intel about the game is welcome and you may update the information once our spies have scooped up new details. Army, let's attack!

We Are at War!

This is our war against the evil Crimson Empire that has taken over our land. You need to build up your army by building structures: Headquarters, Boot Camp, etc; deploying attacking units: Infantry, APC, Artillery, etc. and purchasing defending units: mines, barbwire and guard towers. Unleash your talent now against incoming enemy troops and fight to free the cities and villages of our homeland. Move, move it out!

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Land (tiles)


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Land can be conquered by moving your units over the unclaimed area (which will appear as 'brown'). Once conquered, the 'brown' land will turn into a color of green. Certain tiles of land have Minefields, Barricades, Bunkers or Guard Shacks over them, which must first be destroyed before conquering the tile. The more land a player aquires, the player will have the upper hand. Land is needed to climb ranks, to build buildings (boot camps, factories, arsenal, HQ), to place defensive structures to block the enemy, and also to drive the Crimson Empire out of the player's 'land.'

Here are some information about minefields, barricades, bunkers and guard shacks. (Note that bunkers and guard shacks fire back at the player's units).

Object Health Attack Strength Range
Minefield 1 None. None.
Barricade 4 None. None.
Bunker 10


Guard Shack 5 1 2

Minefields are easily destroyed, however can slow your progress in conquering if it is placed in huge amounts. Due to minefields having one health, they can be destroyed with any of your units in a single strike. Use artilleries to help destroy them. Since artilleries have long range, they can stay in one position and repeatedley wipe out minefields using less energy (whereas using infantry to move right next to each minefield to take them out takes huge amounts of energy).

Bunkers are hard to destroy and they cause some damage. Bunkers can be taken out by units with more health- APCs are a good unit to take out bunkers. It is recommended to strike with multiple units.

Guard Shacks are also similar to bunkers, except that they have less health but have more range. It will be pesky to destroy, as it is hard to approach to strike. Expect some moderate damage to your units. (Note that guard shacks do not appear until the player unlocks the 4th map.)


Units are purchased in the shop menu under "units" as apposed to being manually built/trained in buildings.

Allied Units (blue).

Units Attack Strengh Health Range Cost
Infantry 1


1 $1500
Special forces 2 5 1 29 FB credits
APC 2 10 1 $5000
Elite Tank 3 20 1 89 FB credits
Battle Tank 3 15 1 $20000
Commando 3 10 1 $22000
Rocket battery 2 8 2 $30000
Elite Rocket battery 3 8 3 129 FB credits
Artillery 1 4 2 $10000
Elite Eliminator 10 30 1

499 FB credits

Elite Sniper (Limited Edition) 1 5 4 99 FB credits
Elite Juggernaut (Limited Edition) 5 25 2 399 FB credits

Note:If a non-elite unit is defeated, you must heal it within 28 days (4 weeks) or it will cease to exist.

Enemy Units (Red)

Units Attack Strength Health Range
Scout 1 1 1
Infantry 1 2 1
APC 2 4 1
Artillery 1 2 2
Stormtrooper 2 8 1
Tank 3 10 1
Rocket Battery 2 4 2
Crimson Rockteer 3 2 1

Supply Truck

0 5


Elite Crimson Rocketeer 4 12 1
Infiltrator Droid 1 3 1
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